Wednesday, 29 September 2010


I am happy to report that in the past few days, we have received some fantastic photos of Clark Gable items for the project. We are anxious to find more, however, so if you have any Clark-owned items in your collection, such as cheques, letters, identity cards, etc. etc. and wouldn't mind us using reproductions of them in the book, please get in touch. You will of course be acknowledged.

Thank you!


  1. Oh Michelle, I am so glad you are doing this project! I read your posts about the Marilyn book (when it was still "upcoming", so it's been a while!) at "Everlasting Star", and know that you will do the same fair, factual yet entertaining book about Clark. In my opinion, there has only been one book out there worth reading about him... until now!
    So this is a book and a documentary? I guess I should get caught up before I go on and on... :)

  2. Hi Amy

    Thanks for your lovely comment! Yes, the plan is that we will have a documentary and a book which will accompany the documentary.

    My agent is taking the book idea to the Frankfurt Book Fair next week so I am hopeful that I will have some good news soon.

    Watch this space!


  3. Michelle, Jean Garceau was a friend of mine. I have things you might like to use -- please email me at So excited about your project!

    Carole Sampeck
    The Carole Lombard Archive