Saturday, 25 September 2010

Clark and Carole

Carole Lombard and Clark Gable were the dream couple of Hollywood. Both divorcees, they married during a break in 'Gone With The Wind' and after Gable had obtained a divorce from his long-separated wife, Ria.

When Carole died in a plane crash in 1942, Clark was devastated. He brought her body back from Las Vegas to Los Angeles, and shortly after joined the war, declaring to friends that he 'didn't give a hoot' if he came back, as life was not worth living without Carole.

I found the following video on YouTube and I think it is excellent. It conveys the love the couple shared, and the heartache felt by Gable after his wife's death.

Check it out here:

And here is another one:


  1. This looks like a wonderful site, Michelle, and I'm excited about this upcoming Gable project -- especially based upon your track record.

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  2. I remember when no one seemed to know who Carole was (and still there are folks who think Gable only ever played Rhett Butler), it is so fun to finally find people who love old films and remember Carole - she was something so special!
    Carole and Clark wed the day my Dad came into this world! :) An easy to remember anniversary for me. Such a lovely and sad love story!

  3. During the past few days after discovering this site & reading so much of the material and then, just now viewing 'the Gables', I just feel so moved. The music accompanying those images, wow.I must admit I never paid much attention to his films. I knew he'd been married to Lombard. I had an association with him after his marriage to kay Spreckels. What a presence, a sadness & arrogance with charm that just overwhelms. This story and subject is so large and emotional. I am so taken with this. Just very cool.Thank You. Chris Jones.