Sunday, 24 April 2011


We have some super audio of Gable talking shortly before the end of his life, and we are looking forward to using it in the project.

However, we continue to look for even more interview footage - either by audio or video - and would welcome feedback if you - or someone you know - has anything that could help. Please leave a comment here or email Michelle[at]MichelleMorgan[dot]co[dot]uk (Please excuse the coded email - it's an attempt to stop spam!)

Thanks so much!


  1. Viewing this was at once, for me, stirring, evocative and deeply personal. The footage of Benker in his St. Johns Military Academy dress uniform was startlingly personal to me.As a childhood friend of the Gable family, I was instantly transported back to that time when it was shot. I was a classmate and friend of Bunkers and was there that day at the school campus on Devonshire Blvd in Chatsqworth Calif, just a few miles from the Gable ranch. It was graduation day for Bunker and I and about 40 of our classmates. It was the last time I saw Kay Gable, John Clark Jr and Joan SSpreckels. June of 62. MY family and little brother, born the same day as the Gable baby was there, along with the parents of many of our classmates. Lucille Ball, Desi Arnaz, Betsy Bloomingdale, Congressman Roybal, Henry Mancini, Leonard Bernstien, some of the many promeinent and celebrity parents there for the big parade and graduation ceremony. For us, it was the end of an era. We were going on to High school. The end of the fifties. The sixties had begun, things were changing. Gable had been dead a couple of years. All of the great times I had spent with my friend Bunker, riding horses at the ranch, in the jeep with him and his Dad. Great stuff for a ten year. The next year John Kennedy would be assassinated, the Watts riotsin L.A. Marilyn Monroe, gone, big changes. A cultural revolution, Viet Nam, Haight Ashbury. Really a new world to come. But right then, that day in our uniforms, families smiling, we thought the future would be more of the same. For many of us, it was not. Kay Gable would endure another heartbreaking funeral, Bunkers. Dead at 27. I fell out of touch with her by the '70s. But watching that trailer, I was pulled back to that time and feeling. I was touched and I thank you.

  2. oops! I had intended my comment for the Trailer, oh well.

  3. Thank you so much Chris for your very kind comment. It really meant a lot to me to hear your thoughts. Thank you!!!

  4. Michelle,
    Can't wait to see the finished product! I also, enjoyed reading Chris' comments. What a fun time that must have been on the ranch :)